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Leaders Eat Last

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Author: Simon Sinek
Book Site: Leaders Eat Last

In "Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't" author Simon Sinek seeks to help people wake up every day inspired to go to work and return home every night fulfilled by their work. His first book was Start With Why - it offered the explanation behind the power of focusing on WHY we do what we do, before getting into the details of WHAT and HOW.

Sinek reveals the next step in creating healthier organizations. He explains why trust and cooperation are essential to our success and fulfillment. Organizations that create environments in which trust and cooperation thrive vastly out perform their competition. Leaders at these organization know that in hard times, they would sooner sacrifice their numbers to protect their people, rather than sacrifice people to protect their numbers, are rewarded with deeply loyal teams that consistently contribute their best efforts, ideas and passion.

As he did in Start With Why, Sinek illustrates his points with fascinating true stories from many fields. He implores us to act sooner rather than later, because our stressful jobs are literally killing us. And he offers surprisingly simple steps for building a truly human organization.




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