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"The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley" is by Victor Hwang and Greg Horowitt, and published by Regenwald.

The authors ask and aim to answer these questions in the book:

- What makes places like Silicon Valley tick?
- Can we replicate that magic in other places?
- How do you foster innovation in your own networks?

The authors propose a radical theory to explain the nature of innovation ecosystems: human networks that generate extraordinary creativity and output. They argue that free market thinking fails to consider the impact of human nature on the innovation process.

The authors argue that such ecosystems - what they call Rainforests - can only thrive when certain cultural behaviors unlock human potential. People in Rainforests belong to "tribes of trust" and follow a secret unwritten code: the Rules of the Rainforest. The theory of the Rainforest is influenced by several breakthrough ideas in academia, including insights on sociobiology from Harvard, economic transactions from the University of Chicago, design theory from Stanford, and the latest research in neuroscience and social network theory, among others.




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