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Insanely Simple

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"Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success" is written by Ken Segall and published by Portfolio Hardcover.

Segall, an ad agency creative director, worked with Steve Jobs for 12 years, and came up with the product name iMac. He shares his experience in reviving Apple from near death in this book, as well as how Jobs' dedication for simplicity affected everything the company did.

"Insanely Simple" takes readers into meetings with Steve Jobs and into his phone conversations. Readers see firsthand how the idea of keeping things simple is what helped Apple succeed, and learn how to apply the techniques to their own businesses.

Segall provides tips to readers, including:

- Think Minimal: Fewer product options can take the headache of decision-making away from customers.
- Think Small: Dominate a smaller niche rather than aiming for world domination.
- Think Motion: Companies that stop to rest are left behind, while those that plug away succeed.
- Think Iconic: Simple and powerful images can go a long way to better branding.
- Think War: Competition is a war. Treat it as such.



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