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"Leapfrogging: Harness the Power of Surprise for Business Breakthroughs" is written by Soren Kaplan and published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

This book is about the topic of how to create business breakthroughs and why they are so important.

The core message of the book is supported by Kaplan's "LEAP" process which stands for:

Listen – Start with yourself and not the market. Market research can actually hinder innovation.

Explore – Our blind spots – or the areas that we don’t know that we don’t know - are holding us back from breakthroughs. Once we uncover these blind spots, our minds are opened up to see things differently.

Act – Take small simple steps again and again towards your goals. Don’t assume that your breakthrough will come from one big brilliant idea.

Persist – You can’t succeed without failing. In fact, failure is mandatory, especially if you are creating something new and different.

Seize – Make the journey part of the surprising destination. Focus on your bigger purpose and practice humility. That way you'll see the road signs that will take you where the breakthrough is.




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