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Lead to Succeed - the Entrepreneur and CEO Guide to Management and Finance

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This is a book written for entrepreneurs who have started a business but may not be as comfortable running a business.

Author David Duryee puts the focus of small business success on the day-to-day running of the business and includes his many lessons learned in this book.

He covers the four phases of a business:

1. Startup - Where the entrepreneur has his or her passion and little else; money, cashflow, management, structure, etc. They are the outcasts as very few suppliers want to deal with them.

2. High Growth - The most exciting phase of the business where the owner gets a lot of hands on experience.

3. Maturity - The business is "secure" with more cash coming in. But also can be in danger.

4. Decline/Renewal - This is the phase where the business is sold, or goes through a massive change in order to stay relevant.

This book covers the basics and will help guide small business owners on their entrepreneurial journey.



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