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Impact Your Business: An Allegory of an Entrepreneur's Journey to Clarity, Cash, Profit, Family, and Success

Author: Ken Kaufman

Book Site: Impact Your Business

"Impact Your Business" is the story of Steve Loveland. He is the owner of Bolty Solutions, a 40-employee technology company. Steve has hit bottom. He's about to lose his company and family, and he's desperate to turn things around.

Enter Jennifer Silverstone, an iPad-wielding consultant. The book relies on the plot device of a trusted advisor who helps Steve find his way out of his mess. Steve is still reeling from the cold slap of hearing there isn’t enough cash to make payroll due that day when Jennifer arrives. Jennifer had been referred by a friend of Steve’s. She helps him make the transition to running a business with numbers, giving him the clarity required to save his business.

Couched as a fictional allegory, it's really a business book because of the business lessons in it.




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