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The Welcomer Edge

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"The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business" is written by Richard R. Shapiro and published by Vantage Point.

Richard Shapiro is the founder of The Center For Client Retention, which provides research, training and consulting services on how to improve the customer experience.

Most businesses will be more profitable and successful with repeat sales. It's cheaper to keep selling to an existing customer, than to spend marketing dollars finding new ones. The Welcomer Edge aims to show businesses how to get repeat customers.

To get repeat sales, your business needs "welcomers." Shapiro outlines what makes a good Welcomer, or "Doctor of First Impressions. It’s someone who ". . .makes you feel important, appreciated, and valued as a customer and as a person; he or she makes you feel comfortable enough to make a connection, share your thoughts, and seek them out again for that personal touch and sincere concern."

The opposite is a Robot, who can't be bothered to smile, would rather be somewhere (anywhere) else, and doesn't really want to help customers.

This book offers examples of both good and bad customer service for you to learn from.




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