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BUSINESS WRITING TIPS – For Easy and Effective Results

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Do writing jobs at work take you several drafts – and have you got urgent jobs to do? Does your website need freshening up? Or have you got a really important report or bid document that could do with some winning ideas from a writing expert? This easy-to-use reference book will give you concise and practical help on these and other writing jobs at work.

The author Robert Bullard is a former feature writer for national newspapers in the UK, making him well placed to share the tricks and techniques used by professional writers. Each of the book's 17 chapters has 10 punchy tips, and together they provide guidance on areas such as how to write with ease and speed, how to write for different kinds of outputs/mediums (websites and blogs, reports and articles, press releases, etc.), and how to achieve your goals (e.g. how to make writing that engages, is impactful and sells). For those who need it, there is also a section on tidying your text – with succinct and easy to understand guidance on grammar and punctuation.

Also included are examples of best practice – with Bullard's suggested comments on why they work; references and exercises for readers to further develop their learning; and some telling and supportive quotes on the writing process by famous authors.

Whether you are on a lunch break, need to fill time constructively when commuting, or are waiting for a meeting to start, Business Writing Tips is ideal for dipping in and out of, and has lots of golden nuggets of advice.




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