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Why Wait to Be Great?

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Author: Terry Hawkins
Book Site: Why Wait to Be Great?

Most of us know that we need to lose those extra pounds, repair our relationships, start exercising, build our business, etc. but most of us don't know how. "Why Wait to Be Great?: It's Either Now or Too Late" aims to provide the HOW, as in how the reader can reach these personal and professional goals.

To make this book accessible to as wide an audience as possible, Terry created two fun, universally-appealing characters: the superhero Stick-man, who creates and enhances our being (check out his Facebook page, which has over 10,000 likes:; and the villain Pit-man, who comes from the Pit of Misery and represents the destructive, negative state we can exist in. Terry's approach focuses on eliminating certain traditional barriers while focusing on other gains:
• Getting beyond the idea that we are products of our past. The past can't hurt us in the present unless we allow it to.
• Recognizing that perception is projection. Things are not always as they are, but what we perceive them to be, which can be very different in interpretation.
• Eliminating the problems that generate stumbling blocks and obstacles for us, so we don’t get stuck in the pit of misery.




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