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Focus on Impact

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Author Wendy Lipton-Dibner defines impact as "the measurable difference you create in people's lives as the direct result of contact with you, your team and your company's message, marketing products or services."

"Focus on Impact" says that if you focus your sights on increasing the impact you make -- the rest will come. The book provides a process and a system for creating strategies, bringing clarity and helping you grow your business and success.

This book is ideal for people who are

- Transitioning into a startup business after a career or life spent working for someone else or doing something else. Reading this book will give you examples and ideas and put your feeling of wanting to make a difference in the world on more sure and specific footing.

- Passionate about a message - You'll find strategies that will help you get our message out there.

- Executive -- You'll find creative ways to tie your business to an impact




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