133 Small Business Books Nominated So Far

January 18, 2012 - We’re only a few days into the nomination process with 13 days to go, and there are 133 nominations already.

Nominations have been coming in from readers, authors, publicists and publishers in the categories of Marketing, Social Media, Technology, Economics, Management and StartUp. Anyone can nominate.

To see which books have been nominated already, you can scroll across the gallery on the home page.
Or you can search for it.

Why Nominations Take 24 Hours To Appear

You might be wondering: why does it take 24 hours before a nomination goes live? The reason for this is that we have to review each nomination to make sure the book is eligible. We:

verify all the details, including the publication date, for eligibility.

fill in any missing information

check to make sure the category is correct

may edit the nomination to make sure it is informational in nature and consistent with our standards.

Nominate a Book Right Now!

Have you read a fantastic business book in 2011? Be sure to nominate it! To make sure that your book is eligible, read our official rules.

Reminder: Voting Starts February 1, 2012

Remember to come back on February 1, and each day through February 16, to vote for your favs!


All the Best,

Ivana Taylor

Book Editor,
Small Business Trends


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