Announcing the 2014 Judges - Please Welcome Them

February 20, 2014 - Toot the horns! We're proud to announce the team of Judges for the 2014 Small Business Book Awards. Meet this fantastic team of book lovers, business owners and consumers of business information. They have plenty of collective insight into what makes a good business book.

What we love about these Judges is how diverse they are, coming from backgrounds like marketing, virtual assistance, finance, and more. Some contribute content around the Web (heck, some are book authors), and they all have one thing in common: they love to read business books! And who better to judge than the very audience business books are meant for?

Never fear - you still will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite books May 1-28, 2014, for the Community Choice designation. The Judges will be weighing in to determine the top Overall and Category Winners.

Judges will be assigned to specific categories, congruent with their areas of expertise. As nominations come in, they will start reading and reviewing the books.

This is the first year the Small Business Book Awards are being judged by an expert business panel. Having a judged competition adds prestige to winning the Small Business Book Awards. It highlights books and authors based on their merit. It makes the distinction special.

The 2014 Small Business Book Awards Judging Team is led by Ivana Taylor (Book Editor of Small Business Trends); Susan Payton (Communications Leader for the Small Business Book Awards); and Pierre DeBois (Associate Book Editor, Small Business Trends). The 2014 Judges are:

Christina Bouza
Claire Boyles
Robert Brady
William Bruce
Deborah Carney
Kimberly Crossland
Lisa Dilg
Simon Dunant
Melanie Forman
Carla Holland
Carla Jenkins
Doc Kane
Martin Lindeskog
Dustin Luther
Dale Ann Potter
Steve Sipress
Brian Smith
Daria Steigman
Shelley Webb
Scott Wolf Jr.

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All the Best,

Anita Campbell

Small Business Book Awards


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