2016 Book Awards Winners - Judges and Community

May 19, 2016 --

Attention small business book readers and enthusiasts! After weeks of nominations, community voting and judges’ deliberations — we’re ready to announce the winners of the 2016 Small Business Book Awards!

The 2016 Small Business Book Awards have been one of our most engaged and vibrant. This year we had 178 nominations across our eight categories and nearly 11,000 votes with thousands of Facebook comments from fans across the spectrum of small business book readers and supporters of the nominees.

There are two parts to the awards: the Judged Winners, which are chosen based on merit; and a Community Choice designation, which is decided by the community.

And now, let’s have a drumroll, if you please. It’s time to announce the 2016 Small Business Book Awards winners.

Judged Winners – 2016

The Judged Winners were selected based on merit by a panel of expert judges. In addition to overall excellence, the judging criteria included: content, usefulness, and freshness.

Community Choice Winners – 2016

The Community Choice Winners were based upon popular vote of the small business community.

See the Slide Presentation for more about the Awards winners:

2016 Small Business Book Awards Winners – Slideshare

Meet The Judges

The Expert Panel of Judges included:

The Judges were assisted by the Small Business Trends CTO, Leland McFarland – and Small Business Trends Publisher, Anita Campbell.



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