4th Annual Small Business Book Awards to Kick Off January 2012

December 21, 2011 - Get ready! The 4th Annual Small Business Book Awards are about to kick off once again, in January 2012.

In this event we honor and recognize books for and by small businesses. While there are numerous book awards -- from the Pulitzer Prize to the Independent Book Awards -- only the Small Business Book Awards focus exclusively on books that appeal to the small business market.

You won't find books that are primarily for a corporate audience. You won't find fiction books (unless they are business allegories). Instead, you'll find useful books for small business owners and managers, as well as for startup entrepreneurs and those planning to start businesses in the future.

This year, we've decided to move the Small Business Book Awards to a different time of year. We've moved them into January and February, to honor and recognize books from the prior year.

We made this timing change because we found that our previous schedule came at an awkward time for book publishing. Previously held in the October/November time frame, we found that we had to exclude a large number of books published late in the year. We set an arbitrary cutoff date of October 31st, and that disappointed authors whose books were published in November and December -- right at the peak time the authors desired the recognition and visibility for their books.

In addition to the timing change we are instituting a number of new features for the 4th Annual Small Business Book Awards. We look forward to sharing news about them in the coming weeks.

The Small Business Book Awards are a production of Small Business Trends, a leading online publication of information, news and advice for small businesses.

All the Best,

Anita Campbell

Small Business Trends


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