UPDATE: Count Down Counter and Voting Buttons

February 1, 2012

UPDATE 11:20 AM Eastern time, February 1. Thanks to everyone who notified us about the two issues I wrote about earlier (see below). They are now fixed. And please know that ALL votes did register properly.

We are aware of a couple of issues with regard to the site, and are working on them to fix.

(1) The Countdown counter of time left to vote shows an incorrect day count of 190 days. The official rules apply -- voting will end on 11:59 pm Los Angeles time (Pacific time), February 16, 2012.

(2) Voting buttons stick -- when clicking a vote button at first it may not appear that your vote is registering. But rest assured that ALL votes are registering. It's just that they are not showing up until the page loads again. We will fix this to make it more immediate.


All the Best,

Anita Campbell

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