Final Two Weeks for Nominations

We’re in the final two weeks for nominations for the Book Awards! We’ve seen some phenomenal titles nominated in each category. Here’s a summary.

The Motivation category is always an interesting one because it runs the gamut from rags to riches stories to tips for quitting Corporate America. One great nominee this year is How to Deliver a Great TED Talk. Even if you’re not fortunate enough to be invited to give a TED talk, readers say it provides killer tips for any presentation.

Social Media
Surprisingly, we haven’t been flooded with books in the Social Media category. If you know of a good one, please nominate it! One notable nominee is Mobile Marketing, which covers a topic many of us are still striving to get our arms around.

If you’re looking for books that provide insightful advice to help you launch a business, the Startup category is for you. (It’s also one we’d like more nominations in). In this category, Disrupt! Think Epic. Be Epic is worth taking a look at. Rather than aiming for perfection, try disarray, disorder and disruption!

Always a popular category, Marketing includes books both by well-known best-selling authors, and up-and-comers. Take The Marketer’s Guide to Customer Reviews. In an era where a Yelp review can make or break a company, this book provides the how-to advice to help brands leverage reviews.

Brush up on your leadership skills with the books in the Management category. If your business is taking over your life, learn seven stages to take it back with Making Money is Killing Your Business.

If you know of a great book in this genre, please nominate it for the Economics category. Books found here help you at every stage of your business from start to exit (read The Ultimate Exit Strategy Guide if you’re on the tail-end of your business).

There’s so much that could fit in the Technology category! We like books like Breakpoint: Why the Web will Implode, Search will be Obsolete, and Everything Else you Need to Know about Technology is in Your Brain that get us thinking about where we’re headed with the flood of data that’s in our future.

And last but not least is our Resources category. Any tool, app, or company that helps authors write, publish, or market their books is included. Here’s a neat one: Authorgraph, which lets authors digitally sign ebooks!

If your favorite business books aren’t already nominated, please take time right now to nominate them.

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