Last Day to Nominate Books for the 2014 Small Business Book Awards

The clock is ticking! If you haven’t yet nominated a few books for the Book Awards, you have until midnight Pacific tonight to do so. Don’t let time run out.

Why Nominate?
Nominating your favorite small business authors shows them they’re doing great things for entrepreneurs like you. What better way to feel recognized than to be nominated for a prestigious award like the Small Business Book Awards?

Consider it your thank you to business authors. You can nominate under your name or anonymously, but either way, you’re putting a little good karma in the bank.

Voting Starts Tomorrow
We understand if you stay up late nominating as many great business books published in 2013 as you can, but get ready tomorrow, because that’s when the fun really begins.

Everyone can vote on the books that have been nominated during the Community Voting period, which takes place from May 1 through May 28, 2014 at 11:59 pm Pacific time. You can vote for each book once during this period.

To vote, simply find the nominations you want to support and click on the "VOTE" button. The winners of the popular Community Voting will receive the "Community Choice" winners designation.

Our Judges will also be voting for their choices at the end of this period.

For now, please help us end the Nomination period by telling your social network and nominating a few books yourself!

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