The History of the Book Awards

For those of you who wonder how we got started with the Book Awards, here's our story.

Way back in 2007, we noticed that most business books being reviewed or winning awards were books of interest to the enterprise or corporate audience. No sites consistently covered books specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Over on Small Business Trends, we began the weekend business book reviews to provide insight into what books small business owners should read. Since then, our book review team (under the leadership of Book Editor Ivana Taylor) has reviewed nearly 500 small business books, writing unbiased in-depth reviews.

But that wasn’t enough for us go-getters. After publishing reviews, we frequently were asked for advice about which books to read. Rather than giving off-the-cuff responses, we decided to find a way to get a broader range of input on books worthy of recognition. And so, the Small Business Book Awards were born. Now in its sixth year, the Book Awards identify those books geared toward entrepreneurs that are read-worthy.

Check out which books have been nominated so far.


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