What We Learn from Books

Consider the impact books have made on your life, and on your business. Probably you've learned a strategy or two that has affected how you operate your company. That's the spirit behind the Book Awards; we want to honor those books that go beyond the superficial and actually make us better entrepreneurs.

Maybe you learned how to leverage Instagram from Instagram Power. Or found The Power to be Profitable. Whatever lessons you’ve learned from business books, we hope you'll share them with us in an upcoming Google Hangout called Best Small Business Books.

Please join the Small Business Trends Book Review team, including Ivana Taylor, Pierre DuBois, and Susan Payton, in discussing the books that have made an impression on them as business owners. And we need your input! We want to hear what's inspired you, and what lessons you’ve learned from your favorite biz books.

What: Best Small Business Books Google Hangout
When: April 2, 2014, 11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern

We'll "see" you there!


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