2012 Small Business Book Awards Winners

Small Business Book Awards Winner Seals

February 17, 2012 -- Congratulations to all who participated in the 2012 Small Business Book Awards! Every author whose book was nominated should feel proud to be part of the Awards. It is quite an accomplishment to write a book, and you can forever display a badge that your book was nominated for a Small Business Book Award.

As for the 40 books that made it into the Top 10 Overall and the 30 Category Winners - you may now say you have an award-winning book (and display gold foil stickers). And now ... the Winners of the 2012 Small Book Awards:

Top 10 Winners Overall

Problogging Action Plan, by Jane Sheeba

Accelerate!, by Arnie Kuenn

Export Now, by Frank Lavin and Peter Cohan

MBA Preferred, by Jeretta Horn Nord and Lawrence A. Crosby

Paper Flow, by MaryAnne Bennie and Brigitte Hinneberg

Managing With a Conscience (2nd Edition), by Frank Sonnenberg

Big Wave Surfing, by Kenneth J. Thurber

The Botty Rules, by Nigel Botterill

The Lemonade Stand, by Nick Gustavsson and Ara Bagdasarian

Appetite for Acquisition, by Eric Gagnon and Robin Gagnon

Marketing Category Winners

31 Days to Network Marketing Mastery, by Bruce Brown and Marge Brown

FT Guide to Business Networking, by Heather Townsend

31 Days to Write Better Copy, by Denise Fay

Brand Against the Machine, by John Morgan

Free Marketing, by Jim Cockrum

Social Media Category Winners

The Step by Step Guide to Facebook for Business, by Kathryn Rose

Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies, by Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare and Andrea Vahl

Engagement from Scratch!, by Danny Iny

Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed, by Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Likeable Social Media, by Dave Kerpen

Management Category Winners

Shifting the Monkey, by Todd Whitaker

Impact Your Business, by Ken Kaufman

Co-Active Coaching, by Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kimsey-House and Phillip Sandahl

Mastering Uncertainty, by Keith Bickel, PhD

Fulfilling the Potential of Your Business, by Ian Smith

Economics Category Winners

The Other Side of Wall Street, by Todd A. Harrison

The WSJ Guide to the 50 Economic Indicators That Really Matter, by Simon Constable and Robert E. Wright

J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2012, by Barbara Weltman

Turning Myths into Money, by H. Richard Steinhoff

Locavesting, by Amy Cortese

Technology Category Winners

The Official Joomla! Book, by Jennifer Marriott and Elin Waring

Joomla! 1.7 - Beginner's Guide, by Hagen Graf, Henk van Cann, Andreas Kölln, Jen Kramer and Angie Radtke

The Plugged In Manager, by Terri Griffith

Joomla! Development, by Hagen Graf

Provoke, by Linda Bernardi

Startup Category Winners

The Right-Brain Business Plan, by Jennifer Lee

Small Business, Big Vision, by Matthew Toren and Adam Toren

From Idea to Exit, by Jeffrey Weber

Starting Your Own Business, by Freda L. Thomas, MBA

Starting an eBay Business For Dummies, by Marsha Collier


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