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"Dollars and Common Sense: Taking Charge of Your Investments in the Tumultuous 1st Century" is written by Peter Andresen, an investment advisor, and published by Timewalker Press.

This is a finance ebook that any entrepreneur or small business owner -- or anyone else for that matter -- can use to manage his or her own money and create a path toward financial independence.

At 285 pages this book is organized in lessons. Each chapter and section starts with a lesson, and then contains discussion to support the lesson. The book is peppered with colored charts and graphs to illustrate key points. The ends of the chapters also include summaries.

The book is timely, covering the financial panic of 2008 as well as more recent events in the stock market and financial markets, that affect our investments. It also covers financial planning elements such as investing in international mutual funds, diversifying your investments, rebalancing your portfolio annually, and recognizing and avoiding investment "bubbles."

You will also find a glossary of investment terms at the end of the book, along with other appendices.



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