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Write or Die App

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Write or Die is an application designed for either the iPad or PC desktop that encourages authors to write by providing consequences for distraction and procrastination.

Users can set word count goals or time goals, and set up "punishments" to inflict on themselves if they do not reach those goals. There are three levels of punishments:

- Gentle Mode: After a certain amount of time passes with no writing, a box will pop up with a gentle reminder to continue writing.

- Normal Mode: For procrastinators who persistently avoid writing, they will have a loud, annoying sound come from the app that will only stop when they continue writing.

- Kamikaze Mode: In this mode, when writers stop writing for a period of time, the work they have written will be deleted.

After writing, work can be exported to Dropbox, email, Clipboard or a text file.

This app is useful for those who find it difficult to sit down and commit to writing for a period of time. It can be helpful for writers who work on a deadline.




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