Welcome to the 8th Annual Best Small Business Book Awards by Small Business Trends, for 2016. Here are the Official Rules:


  • Business books relevant to small businesses or entrepreneurs -- Books must be non-fiction and relevant to the small business or entrepreneur market. No fiction is allowed, except for business allegories.
  • Published between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015 -- To be eligible for most categories, books must have a first publication date in 2015, or must be a revised edition issued in 2015. Please note: a reprinting is not the same as a "revised" edition - the book's content must have been revised during 2015 to be eligible.
  • Print books and ebooks both eligible -- Books are welcome if published in any format, including print (self-published or traditionally published) or electronic (eBooks, PDF books, Kindle books, Google ebooks, CD-ROM and similar electronic formats). Electronic books must have either an ISBN number, ASIN number or a price tag for sale. "Free ebooks" in the form of short content offered only as a marketing incentive (such as an inducement to subscribe to an email list) are not eligible.


In 2016 there are 7 book categories and one non-book category:

  • BOOK CATEGORIES: Eligible books will be accepted for nomination in the categories of: Marketing, Social Media, Management, Economics, Technology, Startup, Motivation.
  • NON-BOOK CATEGORY: Non-book resources designed to support business-book authors are eligible in the "Resources" category. Examples of what is eligible for the Resources category include: publishing companies, technology to help publish or sell books, ghost writers, cover designers, publicists, book agents, writing coaches, publishing apps, proofreading services, book printing resources, and any other kind of resource that reasonably is designed to support business book authors in the writing, publishing, marketing or sales process.


  • COMMUNITY CHOICE WINNERS -- The nominee with the top number of votes overall and the top vote getter in each category at the conclusion of Community Voting will each be named a Small Business Book Awards Community Choice winner. Recognition includes publicity as a winner, as well as the right to display Community Choice Winner insignia on books, websites, brochures and elsewhere. Community Choice winners will be chosen by the popular vote (8 representing one in each of the categories), and one will also be the overall Community Choice winner.
  • JUDGED WINNERS -- Overall and Category Winners will be determined separately by the Judging Panel, based on excellence and merit. Judged Winners will get recognition, including publicity as a winner, as well as the right to display Winner insignia on books, websites, brochures and elsewhere.


Eligible books and resources may be nominated through April 27, 2016 at 11:59 am PST (Los Angeles time). Nomination is free -- unlike with other book awards, no nomination fee is required. All nominations are subject to review and approval before being accepted. Go here to nominate.


The Community Voting period starts April 28, 2016 and ends May 11, 2016 at 11:59 am PST (Los Angeles time). The following voting rules apply:

  • VOTE ONCE PER NOMINEE -- Limit one vote per person per nominee. Vote for as many different nominees as you like.
  • ENCOURAGING VOTES -- It is perfectly acceptable to encourage your fans, business connections, social media followers and others to vote for a nomination, through social media, email/mobile lists, blogs, websites, forums and other methods. In other words, it is permitted to tell the world about a nomination and encourage anyone to support a nominee with voting.
  • PROHIBITED CONDUCT -- You may not promise to pay, offer to pay, or actually pay monetary compensation in exchange for votes. Prohibited activity includes, but is not limited to, purchasing or offering to buy votes via Fiverr, AmazonTurk, job boards, buy/sell forums or similar places -- such activity is against the rules.
  • ACTION FOR IRREGULARITIES OR PROHIBITED CONDUCT -- We reserve the right to disqualify nominations and/or votes if such votes are machine-generated or follow an "unnatural" voting pattern, or show other irregularities, as demonstrated by our server logs. We also reserve the right to disqualify nominations and/or votes if we learn that monetary compensation was offered, promised or paid in exchange for votes. The decision to allow or disqualify nominations and/or votes will be made by Small Business Trends in our sole discretion, and the decision is final. Such action may be taken without prior notice or warning.


The Judging Panel will decide, independently of the Community Voting, on the final Winners in the Small Business Book Awards. A Nominee may be requested to provide a review copy of their book, if the Judging Panel requires it. The Judging Panel may not accept compensation from or on behalf of any Nominee. Judges will not be assigned to judge any book where they have a financial relationship with the author, publicist or publisher.


We reserve the right to terminate or extend the Awards at any time, without prior notice, due to unavailability of the Awards website, natural disaster, or any other reason.

The decision of Small Business Trends (via its CEO) will be final as it relates to interpreting or applying these Rules, and as to administration of the Small Business Book Awards.

Read more about the Small Business Book Awards. Thanks for participating in the 2016 Best Small Business Book Awards, and good luck to the authors and nominees!

Last updated: March 1, 2016


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