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"The Entrepreneurial Instinct: How Everyone Has the Innate Ability to Start a Successful Small Business" is written by Monica Mehta, and published by McGraw Hill.

As written in the book, "We've all heard stories of the dropout that makes billions -– a triumph relying more on luck than skill and never to be repeated. In real life, successful entrepreneurs take classes, write business plans and map out every contingency. But if the stories are such a fluke, why do we hear them over and over again?"

The Entrepreneurial Instinct explores using your instincts to become a successful entrepreneur, in 224 pages. Interviews with entrepreneurs and insights from neuroscience and psychology experts uncover the scientific explanations behind entrepreneurs who succeeded without schooling or experience.

The books features the self-made stories of the founders of CLIF Bar, Carol’s Daughter, Marquis Jet, Skip Hop, KIPP Charter Schools, J Brand, Tahari, Apple, Paul Mitchell Systems, and Dogfish Head Beer - seemingly average people who possessed a keen understanding of how his or her mind worked -- and used that knowledge to their advantage.




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