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"The Conspiracy" A Winner in 2014 Small Business Book Awards

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Author: Marc Daniels
Book Site: The Conspiracy

"The Conspiracy: A Cautionary Tale for Entrepreneurs" was written with three goals in mind. The first was to explore why tech companies failed at such a high rate despite massive infusions of cash. Somehow, the belief that capital not only greased the entrepreneurial skids but also drove the entrepreneurial engine had become as widely accepted as Newton’s third law of motion. But results indicated otherwise.

The second goal was to provide guidance for entrepreneurs as to how to cross the bridge from building the basic structures of an enterprise to creating sustainable growth and profitability. This is often a bridge too far for developing companies, as it requires doing the polar opposite of what had been done to make the company successful up to that point.

The third goal was to accomplish the first two objectives in a compelling and entertaining way. I was thrilled when a review on Amazon read, “A cross between a Harvard Business Review case study and a Clive Cussler novel!”

The Conspiracy is a business fable that is both fictional and very true. I think is it a worthy nominee for Small Business Book of the Year. To quote again from the Amazon reviews, “I recommend that one not start this book late in the evening as you will find yourself unable to put it down the same night. This is truly a must-read for those of us who are looking to adapt as the world changes around us.”



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