Gold Foil WINNER Stickers

Place on your books or marketing materials

Tell the world you were recognized and honored!

What you get:
  • Bright gold metallic foil stickers
  • Embossed for that rich look
  • Round, about 1.75 inches in diameter
  • Adhesive backing
Small Business Book Awards Winner Seals

Gold foil Award stickers make your book or marketing materials
Stand Out • Catch the Light • Grab Attention

Whether sending copies of your book for review, displaying marketing materials at conferences or book signings, or convincing event planners to book you as a speaker – a gold Award winner seal will give you that competitive edge.
The winners are eligible to order these fabulous gold foil stickers!

200 stickers - $65
300 stickers - $92
400 stickers - $118
500 stickers - $145
1000 stickers - $262
2000 stickers - $469
Digital Winner Seal* - $50.00

Plus $8.50 shipping and handling

* Digital Winner Seal gives you access to an electronic file, 300 dpi, in 2 print-quality formats (.png and high-res .jpg).

Note: a Web-quality electronic seal suitable for most online use is available for free on the Media Tools page.

For higher quantities please contact us.

Sticker Pack Size


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