Become a Sponsor of the 2013 Book Awards

By sponsoring the 5th Annual Small Business Book Awards your brand will have a great visibility opportunity. Sponsors get:

  • Great brand exposure – The Book Awards last year garnered nearly 100,000 community votes, and each year they have grown. They attract not only business book authors who are thought leaders, but also entrepreneurs, small business owners, CEOs and managers hungry to learn or find reading material for their teams.
  • Promotion throughout Small Business Trends - The Small Business Trends audience is highly engaged, one of THE most engaged small biz audiences, reaching a targeted audience of over 650,000 per month through various websites. Email newsletters include over 200,000 subscribers. Social media followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn exceed 200,000.
  • Viral social effect – Opportunities are maximized to create social buzz. Each nominee’s entry has social sharing tools embedded in the page (Tweet buttons, Facebook Like, voting badges, etc.) to help them use social media, email newsletters and blogs to get attention to their entry, creating excitement and viral social involvement from their own communities.
  • Social media team – Each weekday during the nomination and voting stages, our social channels are actively managed to further encourage retweets and social sharing on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Prime placement of your logo - You will get prime visibility on nearly every page of the Book Awards site, during this extremely engaged and virally social event, and for the entire year.
  • Special events you will be included in - For featured sponsors, your brand will be highlighted and a representative from your team will be included in a sponsored Twitter chat or webinar, during the event.

We're also happy to tailor a solution to meet your needs. For more information, please email our advertising team: [email protected]m


All the Best,

Anita Campbell

Small Business Book Awards


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