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"Do NOT Invent Buggy Whips: Create, Reinvent, Position Disrupt" is by Kenneth J. Thurber, PhD. and published by Digital Systems Press.

This book focuses on how individuals can create disruptive product concepts and profit from them. According to the author, Ken Thurber, the main theme of the book centers around how people innovate and how you define that innovation.

Creation of new product concepts is the key as case studies look at such noted products as the Ford Mustang, the Segway, the iPod. The author even delves into reinvention in the art world through Las Meninas and Picasso. The book examines why some products get it right while others don't quite measure up.

The book also looks at products; not only how to conceive a product but also how to position a product. It's a “how to” guide designed to help you work your way through a product strategy and product concept development.



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