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High Performance Browser Networking

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Author: Ilya Grigorik
Book Site: High Performance Browser Networking

Mobile and wireless networks can be complicated, but this book navigates the way to optimize network performance. Although the book is primarily geared toward web and mobile developers, small business owners who want a better understanding of how the Internet works will also benefit from reading it.

The book dives into what happens beyond what you see in an Internet browser. Laid out in a straightforward manner, the book includes acronyms as well as diagrams to help readers visualize high-level concepts. Some of the topics covered in this book include:

-Transmission control protocol
-Packet delivery (when data is transferred between server and browser)
-Security aspect of networking
-Wi-Fi and mobile

In general, this book provides a solid understanding of the mobile apps, networks, security, and plug-ins that we come in contact on a daily basis and what's going on behind the scenes.




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